Sunday, August 24, 2014

2014 Graduates

Crossley Gallery

Zack See setting up work in the Crossley Gallery The Fine Arts Gallery at Ringling College.

Zack See was accepted into the Graduate Program at the Rhode
Island School of Art in Providence, Rhode Island, starting 2014.

Monday, May 6, 2013

2013 Graduates

Jabari Anderson, class of 2013 is going for her MFA at MICA  Mount Royal School of Art an interdisiplinary MFA program.

Matt Coombs Freedom of Information #5

Matt Coombs, class of 2013 was accepted into the graduate program at the Tyler School of Art and is beginning in fall 2014.  You may see his work at his website:

Morgan Jansen, class of 2013, has been accepted at Starry Night Exposure program for her work at this years, Miami/Basel show at the Select Fair  at the Catalina Hotel in Miami Beach this December 2013.

Brian Leeb, class of 2013 has been named as an honorable mention in the 2013 International Sculpture Centers Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award.  This award is out of 414 students selected from 159 colleges around the world.  The jurors were: Drew Goerlitz,  Associate Professor of Sculpture at SUNY Plattsburgh, Elizabeth Neilson, Director of the Zabludowicz Collection, London, and Rein Triefeldt, Sculptor.  Brian's work will be recognized in the October 2013 issue of Sculpture Magazine and on the website.  Brian is the sixth student who has been accepted either as an honorable mention or in the show from the seven years the Fine Arts Department has been entering.
Brian was also in residence at Elsewhere, the living museum:

Walter Matthews, class of 2013, was accepted into the graduate program at the University of South Florida, in Tampa Bay, Florida.   This is an interview with Walter about his experience at Ringling:   Walter was the fine arts trustee scholar in 2012-13.

Anna R. Paul  2012 Acrylic on panel

Anna Paul    Breakthough  2012  Acrylic on Panel

Anna Paul,  2013 graduate will be attending School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Tufts University in Boston, Mass for her MFA.  You may see her work at
Self portrait as Nomad 
Oil, Flashe, acrylic and spray-paint on canvas 
18” x 24”
Blair Whiteford   Painting  2012

Blair Whiteford,  2013 graduate, won a Joan Mitchell Foundation Fellowship at the Vermont Studio Center.  You may see Blair's work at this site:

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

2012 Graduates

Kyle Petreycik class of 2012

Ringling College Student Wins 2012 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award
June 28, 2012 -  Ringling College Fine Arts student Kyle Petreycik  has been named a recipient of the 2012 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award.  
Kyle was one of 12 winners chosen from 434 students from over 174 colleges & university sculpture programs in North America and abroad; the jury deliberated over 1,300 images of sculptural works. Each school that participates can enter only three students chosen from their sculpture program.

Kyle's selection will be on display at the Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ from October 20, 2012 through March 31, 2013.  Kyle's work will also be featured in the 2012 October issue of Sculpture magazine, as well as the Grounds For Sculpture Fall/Winter Exhibition catalogue.
Read the ISC press release here.  
A Ringling College Fine Arts student has received this award five out of the last six years. Other Ringling College students who have won the award include:
  • 2011 Shane Murphy
  • 2010 Mikaela Williams
  • 2008 Reva Castillenti
  • 2007 Sorine Anderson
  • 2006 Nathan Skiles
You may view Kyles work at his
Kyle is currently working as an intern at the online art magazine hyperallergic see his articles on Jacob Kassy's work and Jeff Koons studio at this

George Carr  painting 2013

George Carr, was accepted into the graduate program at Yale University in 2014 in painting in New Haven, Connecticut.   He was in a group show at the Stephan Stoyanov Gallery in New York in a show entitled "Flowers for You"  from June 27 to August 12, 2012.  You may see George's work on his

Chris Degrer, lives in Berlin and is the EU Attaché at Snap Editions LLC, he used to work at Art Fag City in New York.  His work was featured in a group show at Hot Wood Volume in Brooklyn, N.Y.  You may see his work at this or his blog

Nathan Freda, lives and works in Brooklyn, N.Y. at Lower East Side Printshop.  You can see his work at this

Sean Pearson, class of 2012, was in a show in NY called "Y Can't End with a Draw", at ARCH Production and Design, in NYC.  You may see his work

Alicia Stein, class of 2012, is teaching art at the Phoenix Academy in Sarasota, Florida.

Monday, September 26, 2011

2011 Graduates

Jeremy Fischer, Class of 2011, lives in Los Angeles and is a stop motion animator.  Here's a short video that he did for his senior show at  See his work at this

Shellie Hoak, Class of 2011, works as a display manager at Anthropologie, you may see her work at this

 Rosemary Park, laquer transfer, ink, paper, 2012. 
Rosemary Park, laquer transfer, ink, paper, 2012
Jenn Nugent, Class of 2011, was accepted into graduate school at the Tyler School of Art in 2013. Jenn has been in shows in Brooklyn, Washington DC, St. Petersburg and at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota.  You may see her work

Therese McPhearson, Class of 2011, has opened Waterfall Studio in New York offering video and photo services.  You may see her work at this

Shane Murphy,  Class of 2011, received an honorable mention in the 2011 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporay Sculpture Awards given by the International Sculpture Center.   There were 185 nominees from 190 schools.  The jury selected 15 winners and 13 honorable mentions.  Jurors were Brooke Kamin Rapaport, an independent curator and writer in New York; DeWitt Godfrey, artist and director of the Institute for Creative and Performing Arts at Colgate University, New York; and Jon Lash, artist and CEO of the Digital Atelier in New Jersey.  This is the 5th Sculpture student from Ringling to either receive an honorable mention or to be in the show since Ringling started entering students 5 years ago.

Alexandra Plemmons, class of 2011, her advanced degree is from Sotheby's in London, she is currently working as Representative of Sales for the WITH Collective , Selling work and increasing company revenue produced by the WITH Collective at Christie's 2012 Multiplied Art Fair.

Jeffery Scudder,  Class of 2011 is in Graduate School at Yale University.  Here is a video on his work at Ringling College:  Look at his work at this  and this: and read about it at this site:

E. Danielle Slaughter,  Class of 2011 attended graduate school at Montclair State University, in New Jersey.  You may see her work

Thursday, June 24, 2010


 Painting by Jessica Asp

Jessica Asp, class of 2010, attended the San Francisco Art Institute for her master's degree.  You may view her work at her

Heather Ann Jackson, class of 2010, was in an emerging artist show at, The Emporium Gallery in Knoxville, Tenn.  You may see Heather's work

 Allison Pineau, work in the Crossley Gallery at the Ringling College of Art and Design

 Allison Pineau, class of 2010, will be attending Florida State University, in Tallahassee for an advanced degree in Art Therapy.

 George Retkes, bronze casting 2010

 George Retkes, class of 2010, has been accepted to the Utrecht Graduate School of Art and Design in the Netherlands,  for the 2010-11 year.  Utrecht focuses on research and interdisciplinarity in visual art and design.  You can see Georges work at: and at:

Amanda Seckington, "I will come alongside"  2012

Amanda Seckington, class of 2010, teaches art in Ashville, N.C.  You may see her work at this

Sarah Valdez, class of 2010, has work at this  and here:  Sarah and Jenny Vu, and Alicia Stein(2012) are in the movie "The Observer an the Observed" you may read about this project at this  It is a feature length film.

Jenny Vu, class of 2010, her space in the New York Studio program 2009

Jenny had a show at the White Gallery in Portland, Oregon where she lives, here is the show at Portland State University: You may see her artwork in these two videos at kickstarter:

 Mikaela Williams, class of 2010 received this announcement from the International Sculpture Center
We are thrilled to announce that you were chosen as an honorable
mention in the 2010 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary
Sculpture Award. (You may see Mikaela's, work at this site: )The International Sculpture Center received an
excellent response this year with 445 student nominees and over 1,100
works to consider. The jury made their selection based on the entire
body of work and only 20 winners and 15 honorable mentions were chosen
from the large number of entries. 
The jurors for the 2010 awards are:

Rocio Aranda-Alvarado – Associate Curator, Special Projects, El Museo del Barrio, New York

Oliver Herring – Artist, New York
Creighton Michael – Visiting Assistant Professor of Art, Hunter College, New York

Here is Mikaela's    Mikaela is currently in graduate school at the University of South Florida, graduating in 2014.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2008 - Graduates

Jessica Asp, Pont-Aven

Jessica Asp, class of 2008, works as a gallery assistant in San Francisco,  here is her

Lynda Bostrom, A Tidy Pile, collaboration with Anthony Zollo at the Tampa Museum.

 Lynda Bostrom, has accepted a position with the new Art Center in Harrisburg, Virginia.  She will be Arts Adminstrator/Exhibit Coordinator at the new center opening in August 2012.  Lynda was previously at the Sarasota Arts Center for a year after graduation as Arts Adminstrator.  See her work below with Anthony Zollo.  Here is her 
you can read about her at this site  You may also see her work at this site:

Gregory Dirr, class of 2008, resides in Boca Raton and has curated and been in many shows in Florida, see his work at this site  and this is a show he had at C. Emerson Gallery in St. Petersburg along with fellow graduate Jen Nugent, class of 2011:

 Ariana Franco, class of 2008, after graduation she decided to stay in Sarasota and participate in the art community by volunteering. When she discovered the birth of the S/aRt/Q collective, she made herself accessible to the group as a volunteer. Shortly after the Inaugural Exhibition she was brought on as Volunteer Coordinator extending an invitation to the community to participate as a volunteer.  Ariana was a resident at the Vermont Studio Center in 2010.  You may visit the S/ART/Q site at:

Rueben Kern, class of 2008, is a working artist, visit this site to read a review by art critic Julian Spalding and see his   this is his

 Sable Macon, costumes

 Sable Macon, class of 2008, graduated from Florida State University, in Tallahassee.  Sable was in the international Juried Art Show at the Kinsey Institute in 2009. You can see Sable's Graduate work at Florida State at this site:
Her work is also at this

Francis Marquez, class of 2008, graduated with her MFA from the University of South Florida, in Tampa.  Francis was recently in an invitational show in North Carolina, see the link:

Carl Pomposelli, class of 2008, graduated from the MFA program at CalArts in Los Angeles in 2010.  This is a site that covers his show at Monte Vista Projects in Los
You can see his work at:

Heather Sherman,  Be Mine, oil on canvas, 20" x 30"  2005
Heather Sherman, Class of 2008, graduated from New York University with her MFA - Steinhardt. Only 12 students are chosen for the program each year. Heather is represented by Greene Contemporary Gallery in New York - Heather was in a show in the project space at Sloan Fine Art: in New York in January of 2010. She showed with Nathan Skiles who graduated from Ringling in 2003.  You can see Heather's work at:
Annie Schor, Class of 2008, lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.  You may see her work at this

Lynda Bostrom and Anthony Zollo, Class of 2008, created an installation, "Build and Destroy," for the final event of the old Tampa Museum of Art in January 2008. The museum was demolished in February, and is scheduled to re-open in a new, larger facility in the Fall of 2009. Lynda and Anthony used pieces of the old building in their installation. Read about the . exhibition at See a video of the museum construction and deconstuction at

Anthony was in a show at Florida Craftsmen in St. Petersburg, Florida,  called Sissors: Pop-Up, from Sept. 18, through Oct. 31, 2009.  He showed 4 of his recent sketchbooks.  To see more of Anthony's work go to: Lynda is also a very talented musician, to check out her recordings go the her myspace at:                                         To see more of Lynda's artwork go to:

                                Mountain, Linda Bostrom

Studio Project : The Saga 2009-2010 by Jillian Mae VidaNova

Gillian Mae Granger, class of 2008, went to graduate school at Mills College in Oakland,
Ca. You can see her Ringling paintings at:
Gillian is in an upcoming show at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art entitled ProVISIONal Art, from Oct 2, to Nov. 15. See the opening video at:   Here is her webstie:

Installation shot of Kasey Lou Lindley's work at Future Shock, a group show at Soho20 Gallery in Chelsea, June 2010.
Kasey Lou Lindley, class of 2008, recently graduated from The University of Connecticut, you can see her work at:

2009 - Graduates

Jessie Bowie, class of 2009, has a one person show in November, 2009 at the u-turn art space, in Cincinatti, Ohio.  You can see the work from the show at:

 "I'm not sure if he lived" Nylon Stockings, Poly-fil, Wood, Glass Eyes,  Human Hair.  Reva Castillent

Reva Castillenti, class of 2009, received an honorable mention for the 2009 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award. She was chosen out of 441 students from over 176 colleges and university sculpture programs in North America and abroad that were nominated for these awards. You can see Reva's work at her and at this link:

Reva’s work will be featured in the 2009 October issue of Sculpture magazine, as well as the Grounds for Sculpture's Fall/Winter Exhibition catalogue. Reva will also receive a one year complimentary membership to the International Sculpture Center (ISC), which includes 10 issues of Sculpture magazine.

The jury, paneled by Jeanne Jaffe, Willie Cole and David McFadden, went through over 1,300 images of sculptural works to make its selections. Reva was a student of Ringling Fine Arts faculty Wendy Wischer. Congratulations Reva!    Reva has moved to New York and is working at the Nicelle Beauchene Gallery in the lower East Side.
  Seasonal Installation
Romy Maloon, class of 2009, showed at Miami/Basel in 2012, currently is living in Atlanta and shows at local galleries.  You may see her work